I work in the philosophy of mind and psychology, specializing in the emotions and in psychopathology.  I aim to bring philosophy, cognitive science, and psychiatry to bear on one another.

My main research program concerns the affective nature of clinical delusions.  I defend a model on which delusions are acceptances formed in response to powerful emotions.  A paper of mine on this topic was recently published in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.  Access is available here.

I received my doctoral degree in philosophy from Rutgers University in 2013, and then went on to conduct four years of postdoctoral research at the Swiss Center for the Affective Sciences in Geneva as a member of the Thumos Research Group on Emotions, Values, and Norms.  I have recently been awarded a grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation to conduct a two-year project in the US entitled Emotion and Psychosis, which I am currently conducting as a Visiting Scholar at Georgia State University.